An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Friday, March 29, 2013

Art Making in Abasolo

This was one of the most fun things Jill & I have done in Mexico.  After the tour was over we went to a small farming community and Jill taught printmaking to a group of 13 women.  Fundacion En Via, the folks who take us on the microfinance tours set it up for us.  Read all about the class we taught here on their blog. 

I have to admit, we were both a little nervous.  Would these hardworking Mexican women think making plant prints was some kind of frivolous, bourgeois activity?  Would they think doing a little meditation together before the class began was silly?  Our fears were without foundation.  Despite some windy moments, snarling dogs, and even a few splashes of rain, the class was a huge success and we all enjoyed it and everyone made something very beautiful.

Above is an accordion book made by one of the women.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Only later did I find out that many  prehispanic documents were made on accordion type books which made this project seem even more fitting.   Big thanks to Fundacion En Via in Oaxaca for making this happen.  We hope to do it again.

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