An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dreaming and Planning

Spring is springing all around us - which always makes me want to draw flowers. And  Jill and I are putting the finishing touches on our plans for the September 2014 Art Tour.  The tour feels like a hidden jewel longing to be made known.  Like who will come and what special adventures will we have and what beautiful art will be made? Turns out we really love planning tours.  We love thinking about all the possibilities and choosing the best.  We like thinking about the order in which we do things.  And how much free time to have and how much structured time to have.   What kind of rhythm do we want to impart?  And since we have returning people, we want to think about how they can have new and different experiences.  And we want to make room for the unexpected and the magical and the mysterious. 
It's really fun.

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