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Monday, March 10, 2014

Jose Posada -

I am teaching myself Mexican art history.  And it is fascinating and rich and deep and complex - hm...kind of like Mexico.  And so different from our own. Murals and printmaking seem to be the dominant mediums, the places where Mexican art really distinguishes itself.   Both mediums  have a kind of populist leaning which also seems to be part of the Mexican psyche. Loving learning about Jose Posada.  He was a political cartoonist  for newspapers  and  probably best remembered  for giving us La Caterina - the skeleton dressed up with a fancy hat, pearls, and a feather boa, now a ubiquitous image in the Mexican lexicon.  But he was also a prolific children's book illustrator along with Manuel Manilla.  Here's a link for the book I'm presently devouring which is all about the fairy tale illustrations they did.   Makes me want to do printmaking.

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