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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

En Via Microfinance Tour

 We always put the En Via Microfinance Tour on our must do list for the trip.  And it's always wonderful.  This year we started out with lunch at the Comedor San Antonia, a small  restaurant run by two sisters.  A little goes a long way.  They used one of their small business loans to buy tables, decorations, oilcloth, and silverware (note - they only had spoons, no forks) and drink pitchers.  Before that, they were just selling tamales on the street and now, it's full on, sit down, fantastic chile rellenos and beans and rice with hibiscus tea.

We sat with them and dished about work and play.
Here we are speaking the universal language of " I'll show you my art, if you show me yours" with one of the owner's very talented daughters and her drawing of a vase of flowers.  
It's pretty, don't you think?

We never know what we'll come upon during the Envia tour  - here's Wren and Kim Groves, our En Via guide crossing a seasonal creek in the same village of  Santa Domingo Tomaltepec to get to our hosts home.  They had a small craft business making leather wallets and belts and two lovely children. En Via is such a great organization helping hundreds of women with small business loans and giving tourists the unique opportunity of seeing more of village life.  Read more about en via and their work
 here.  Or perhaps you'd like to join them for these short, five day tours they're planning this winter.  Read about those by clicking

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