An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Only in Mexico

 Jill and I were lucky enough to have a morning making linoleum block prints with the help of two talented women working at San Pablo Cultural Center.  Among other things, we talked with our Mexican cohort about dialectic as a superior tool for teaching.  Not kidding, her words, not mine.  All the while we're carving our blocks.

Here's Jill, brayer in hand,  getting ready to ink up her block.  And what a beautiful print it is.

And here's something fun Jill found out on our little art outing.  She was needing to buy some newsprint for the class tour but she didn't know the word for newsprint in Spanish.  Turns out, there's a particularly Mexican expression for newsprint and they call it "papel de la revolucion" or paper from the revolucion because newsprint was so widely used to disseminate info about the goings on during the civil war of 1910-1920.
How cool is that?
Making art and learning a new word plus some history all  at the same time!

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