An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shopping in Oaxaca

 There is SO MUCH great folk art and  handmade artisan pieces in Oaxaca, I mean so, so many pieces, that it can be overwhelming.  One place to get your bearings is the Casa de Las Artesanias on Matamoros.  You can find them because they have the ginormous puppet in front.  We always like to stop there.  It's a collective run by the artisans and so the prices are maker direct.  It's room after room.

Here's just one small wall of a room featuring woven palm pieces which kind of blew my mind.
  And while we were there, "Would we like to meet the president of the co-op?"  Well of course we would.  " And , did we know that they could arrange tours for us to any of the artisans whose work we saw at the store?   Well no, we did not know that but we will for sure file that little detail away in our bag of tricks.

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