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Monday, October 31, 2016

Where to Stay in Oaxaca

Our home away from home, the lovely Casa Colonial, a second generation bed and breakfast,
filled with folk art, books, birds,and plants. Oh an people, people too. Interesting people.
I am just back from my most recent tour organizing a bold and curious bunch of folks as we toured the Central Valleys and beyond.  It had been two years since I'd done a tour and had forgotten how truly special Casa Colonial is.

I heard one of our people tell Jane staying at the Casa was like staying at summer camp for adults.
Couldn't agree more. 

 Plus a communal dining experience, filled with lovingly prepared food and enjoyed with a changing array of guests. 

Some mornings you'll find artisans coming in from the villages set up in the patio, here to sell and talk to you about their wares. I am always charmed by this.

The Casa is just an inspiring, soulful, nurturing oasis of a place to stay in Oaxaca City.  I feel lucky to have found this place and to be able to share the Casa with so many people. Every room at the Casa is a little bit different and my goal is to stay in all of them. So far I've stayed in six. Seven more to go!

Tourism, I noticed on the recent tour in September of 2016, is, once again, taking a big hit because of the teacher's strikes and the flare up that happened in June of this year. It's too bad because all iS tranquil and as inspirational as ever.  
Stay tuned for more tours coming in 2017.

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