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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Street Art Oaxaca

As usual, one doesn't have to go too far in searching for inspiring art in Oaxaca. Never mind the galleries, museums, printmaking collectives, and edgy shops, the streets themselves are full of it. And this isn't Madison Ave. advertising. Although, in fall of 2016 I saw more graffiti than I have in the past and there have recently been annoying incidents of el gobierno painting over some really magnificent street pieces, street art is alive and well in Oaxaca.  

I was sorry to have missed street artists gone gallery darling of the Oaxaca underground, Lapiztola Collective's show at IAGO (the  graphic arts center which is part coffeeshop, part art library, part very cool space). A play on the spanish words for pencil and pistol, these art toting politicos have some hard hitting truths to speak but they remind us that the world is beautiful too.They were literally scraping the work off the walls when I got there. 

For a smattering of past years street art you can go to this FB album by clicking  here -

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