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Sunday, June 11, 2017

What Can I Bring You

This is the story of how a simple question, "Hey I'm coming down from the States, is there anything I can bring for you?", turned, thanks to the wise mind of my generous hostess Marytere at Yiimtii Eco Reserve, into a small fundraiser, a public health project, and a Mother's Day children's theatre production. Marytere set up an Amazon wishlist for people to bring the community of Zapotengo what they really needed which was good lice combs, metal ones not plastic and also children's games to support her theatre program. We publicized it on Facebook and it was like Christmas everyday at my house the weeks before I left as packages kept arriving with lice combs, butterfly wings, and story cubes.  I was happy to be the courier. And it made for some amusing glances going through security in Mexico City explaining what the 36 round metal things I was carrying were. Marytere gave the combs to the public health nurse in the village and she had everybody sign that they had received them. And here is a picture for you of young happy children in their butterfly costumes Oaxaca style.

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