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Monday, June 12, 2017

Visiting the Early Rodolfo Morales Mural in Ocotlan

 There is something to be said for kicking around a village on a quiet, sunny, Tuesday morning when everything is sleepy and not much is going on. Sometimes it is just that, a sleepy village with not much happening, but ,in my experience these are the times you are more likely to find someone who says, "Fine, OK, you can check out that organ, or I'll take you to the roof of the church, or the backroom of the sacristy."  Or in the case of the photo above, we were lucky enough to get into the municipal building in Ocotlan home to some early Rodolfo Morales murals.  Huge sections of the mural which covers, as near as I can tell, all four wall of the room, have been damaged by rain. It's unclear if they are being restored or merely kept from further damage.  At any rate, the space has been closed to the public for a while (don't get me started about how this major early work of a prominent Mexican artist is languishing in a state of disrepair because of village finances and politics - really let's not go down that road). But there was a guy in there cleaning the floors and we were allowed to go in while he was working.  Felt very lucky to be able to spend some time with these big murals.  I am getting more of a feeling for Morales's work. Click here to read what Wikipedia has to say about Morales. 
 Photo above is a section of the wall with a group of female musicians.  Click here to see aother image from the Morales mural.

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