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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I'm Giving a little Talk

Very much looking forward to giving a slideshow on Textile Traditions of Southern Mexico in conjunction with Lane Arts Fiesta Cultural.  The Fiesta is a three month extravaganza celebrating Latin Culture in Eugene. And some exciting things are happening - besides great music, dance, and arts  -  Maria Hinojosa, host of radio show Latino USA  is at U of O on October 5 talking about "We the People" and the incredibly brave 'undocumented' author and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas is speaking at U of O October 24. Click here for a more complete link to The Fiesta Cultural offerings.

In between those two powerhouses, on Tuesday October 17th at 7 pm,  I'm doing a little slideshow over at Lincoln Gallery (at 4th & Lincoln) about the various weavers I have encountered in my travels through Oaxaca and Chiapas. Super psyched as it was a great opportunity to gather my  photos and videos from 8 different trips all into one place. And also to gather my thoughts about what I have learned.

I am by no means an expert on textiles or Oaxaca & Chiapas  but I have seen a few things that have moved me to share.  I am hoping those of you who have traveled here, those of you who love textiles, those of you who weave and those of you want to learn more about our neighbor to the south will come. Wear your favorite piece of clothing! Some food, some drink, some merriment, and a little show and tell are also on the agenda.

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