An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Garden Art

One of the first things I ever bought in Oaxaca - about a 3 foot piece made my the Vasquez Family in Atzompa - I think Angelica's parents made this one.   Also when I learned that sometimes it is much more efficient to pay the extra baggage fee rather than ship something home with DHL.  All that trouble many years behind me and this ceramic wonder has graced many places in my home finally making it out to a part of my garden this year.  I think she, like me, is happy to be spending more time outside.
This year, for the October tour (which is full), we'll be visiting Angelica's hilltop studio and family home in Atzompa.  Her parents still make ceramics as does her son. We'll have a fascinating snapshot of three generations of artists and how they both maintain tradition and practice innovation. Plus her daughter is making us lunch!

(please note this low fire terra cotta needs to be protected from freezing temperatures)

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