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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

My Little Pony and Other Papier Mache Adventures

I love my old papier mache pony that sits on my mantle - I think it's from Puebla - the base and wheels are wood and they're probably using some kind of mold because there is one just like it in front of the fireplace at the Casa.  And I think I saw a picture of one in an Eliot Porter book from his travels in the 50's through Mexico.  But I've looked and can't find it.  Maybe I dreamed it up.

Papier mache has a long tradition in Mexico and you can find it used for, among other things, children's toys, dolls, masks, Santos and Day of the Dead figures and the ubiquitous pinata. Jean Foss's husband Chucho is a talented artist working with papier mache and we're hoping, for a future art tour, to ask him to come down to the Casa and teach us some tricks of the trade or maybe we'll make a piƱata.

Stay tuned for our March Art Tour.

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