An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Genesis of a A Seed

You know how you have a thought, a desire....and it feels like a little sparkle of an idea....and you sit with it and turn it over and consider it from many angles, you want it but maybe you're  scared or uncertain, and it seems a little formless and maybe you even forget about it for awhile but it keeps coming back to you, each time a little more formed.....and then one day, it all comes together in a crystal clear kind of way and you think, yes I can do this.....Well such, my friends, is how this little adventure we're inviting you to join came about.
Jill is the art teacher and facilitator of all things creative, I am her student and a lover of Mexico, her lands and her culture.  You are the adventurer, looking for a time and a place to delve deeply into the making of your own art in a community of other creative women in a place steeped in literally thousands of years of art making.  This blog will tell you  more about the trip(s) and how we are putting it together, a little about art making and a little about Mexico ....Wether you stay at your desk or open the door and head on out to Mexico with us, we hope you will join us in what we are sure will prove to be an amazing adventure.

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