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Friday, September 9, 2011

One of My Favorite Things About Mexico

Without a doubt, the local markets in Mexico are one of my favorite things.  Every sizeable town has a market day and the Mexican people have been using market day as a chance to get out of the house for, well, for a couple of thousand years at least.  Contemporaries of Cortez describe a bustling market scene, in many ways not much different from what we'll find today.

 Pictures cannot do it justice, you must imagine some great aromas, lots of noise, a little music and endless amounts of food of every kind and then you'll start to get it.  Guaranteed there will be many foods you've never seen before.

 This guy is just in for the day, selling chilis graded by size.

 In the same way that Norteamericanos  might worry about open air meat stands, the Mexican people would worry were they to have to buy their meat tightly wrapped in plastic.

 Beans of every kind imaginable.

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