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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Beat Poets in Mexico

NYT correspondent Damien Cave travels the route Jack Kerouac took through Mexico in the 1950's
He talks about contemporary art being one of current day Mexico's triumphs. 
And just in case you are wondering what beat poetry has to do with taking an art making tour in Oaxaca...well.....there is some kind of twisting thread connecting but, truth be told, because the tour is still 11 months from now, there's not too many tour details to write about, and so the blog has become a little bit of a repository for articles I want to hang onto - my personal travel inspiration board.  This article in particular because he mentions La Roma neighborhood in Mexico City.  His description of La Roma mirrors almost exactly the description a lovely young woman gave me sitting at the breakfast table at the Casa.  Really one thing I like so much about the Casa, sitting at a big long table, eating breakfast in the morning, with everyone as eager as you to drink it all in and share their experiences.  It's better than most guidebooks - talking to your fellow travelers.  I always get the best tips.  And for Mexico City, La Roma it is.
Photo taken at Museo de Arte Prehispanico  Rufino Tamayo , a little jewel box of a museum about a ten minute walk from our hotel in Oaxaca City, which, shockingly, does not appear to have a website or I would send you there. 

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