An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Rain God and Other Encounters in Oaxaca

It's been storming up a storm here lately in the Pacific Northwest.
Which makes me think of some of the amazing thunder and lightning storms we've seen down in Oaxaca. Lightning enough to illuminate the ruins of Mt Alban, thunder so loud and rolling, you can't hear the person talking next to you. I love a good storm. Which is one reason I think I like doing a tour to Oaxaca in late September/early October.  We're at the tail end of the rainy season and everything is beautifully lush and green.   We might have a rainshower or two but there's plenty of sunshine as well.  Click here to find out more details of the Sept 2016 tour.

(photo courtesy Lark Lambard from a visit to the Rufino Tamayo Museum)

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