An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

La Samaritana in Oaxaca

 We were lucky, once again, to be in Oaxaca during La Samaritana, held on  the fourth Friday of Lent. It's an only in Oaxaca, and only, I think, in the Central Valleys tradition.It celebrates the good samaritan, the woman at the well who offered Jesus a drink and it ritualizes generosity. Native Oaxaquenos look forward to it all year.  From noon to one, businesses pull out their traditional ceramic ollas, encircle them with bouganvilla, and fill them with drink (not a carbonated beverage in sight I might add) and offer a glass to all who pass by.  I love being part of this!  This year I was in Ocotlan which had a much more laid back flavor than the city.  We were offered a beautiful horchata with red cactus (tuna) ice in the middle. Delicious

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