An Invitation to an Amazing Oaxacan Adventure

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Out and About in Oaxaca

 Some recent arty happening in Oaxaca - highlights from two weeks in March 2017 -


Fantastic, as always, show at the textile museum. This show was devoted to examples of the human figure in textiles. A little sampler from the 1800's above.

  Great wheat paste street art from Jose Olvera somewhere near Santa Domingo.

A whole show devoted to artist driven floor tiles made at the last factory of its kind in Oaxaca.

Hoarders delight in the kitchen of Rodolfo Morales house.

 A start to finish knife making demonstration at the home workshop of the family who made all the swords for the movie Conan the Barabarian, a little tidbit they throw in during the demo.  Cannot say quite how much I loved this. Can't wait to go back.

 A little taste of real culture as we settled into watch a children's dance performance in the patio of an artisan's co-op.  The kids had practiced hard and we were happy to be their adoring audience.

 Another awesome textile show, this time upstairs at the textile musuem. Both floors are not to be missed.

 Always blown away when I spot the work of Cesar Chavez.  He's a great printmaker. In my head I sometimes think of him as the Edvard Munch of Oaxaca.

And always there's a calenda, a street dance with costume and music. Because this is Oaxaca.#realculture

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